May 9 2010 10 40.738N 061 38.243W

Ron Stubbington
Sun 9 May 2010 20:14
Erasmos is now in Trinidad. On April 23 I returned to Rodney Bay on St. Lucia.  The plan was to move the boat along with Brian Woodley to Trinidad.  Erasmos is in good shape from sitting at anchor in the lagoon for three months.  I had hired Byron,, a local, to look atfter the boat and he did that and more.  When the boat was brought to the dock it was all washed and ready to go.   Brian and I spent the next three days provisioning and fixing little things and getting ready to leave.  Then on Saturday morning we left Rodney Bay and sailed down the west coast of St Lucia across to St Vincent and stopped at Wallilabou Bay .  This is where most of the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.  Next day we were off. We stopped briefly at Bequia but everything was closed so headed to Tobago Cays.  We spent two nights there and then on Tuesday May 4 we left for Carriacou Island and the town of Hillsbourough.  We cleared customs and then went to Tyrol bay to anchor for the evening.  There was a yacht bar which we went to for a drink and met up with John and Liz from the ARC.  Wednesday it was to St. Georges on Granada.  On Thursday we didn't leave until 3:30 pm as we knew we were going to have a long night heading across to Trinidad.  We arrived in Trinidad in Chauramas Bay at 11:30 am  On Saturday Brian left for home and I will stay on until I have the boat hauled out on the 13th and then get prepped for the summer and leave to come home on the 18th