Nov 18 from Cap Ron

Ron Stubbington
Wed 18 Nov 2009 20:17
Las Palmas 28:07.679N 15:25.617W  You will have caught up with some events from Andys blog,  however, yesterday some of us rented a car and drove around the island.  All of us could not have had a more wrong impression of this island.  We had thought that this would be a lush tropical island covered in vegetation with lots of beachs and resorts.  However, we were completely wrong.!!!!!!  As soon as we left Las Palmas, the landscape became very barren and mountainous.   There were no massive amount of beaches or resorts.  We headed south and then around to the west.  We stopped in from the coast a few miles at a small village for lunch.  The owner told us not to continue around on the coast road due to construction and rain but to head inland.  We followed his advice and began our climb up into the hills.  The road is very narrow with many switchbacks and hairpin turns.  There were times we had to slow to 5 km to make it around a corner, with the outside edge of the road a drop of 1000 feet almost straight down.  We got up into the clouds and then crossed the top of the island into the north side which is the green side.  We slowly worked our selves down and back into Las Palmas late in the afternoon... We did not get to the sand dunes but we did see a varied sense of sceneary that rivaled both Nevada and Arizona.  Last  night we cooked on board and had a quiet night at home.   The rains came last night and it rained so hard that I believe there was some flooding in places on the island.... Today was warm and sunny with some cloud.  We took delivery of our liquids, water, milk and orange juice... We had a visit from the official meteorologist, Chris Tibbs today.  It was both a social visit and an official visit. Brian and I had met him in February in Guildford at a conference and it was great to catch up with him again. Then we had to pay Chris for money owed to him for services rendered for the run from Gibraltar to the Canary Islalnds.