Ron Dec 9 18:54.362N 040:39.660W

Ron Stubbington
Wed 9 Dec 2009 12:45
Erasmos 1 is approximately 1190 nm from the channel to St. Lucia.  We are making good time until yesterday when the wind has dropped off.  We hauled in the sails and put the Gennaker up and resumed our journey.  The light winds have continued through out the night and are still with us this morning
Here is our Gennaker flying
We fish everyday and like most fisherman some days are better than others, yesterday we did not even have a bite, however the day before we caught a very nice size Mahi  Mahi
Our fish,  dinner and lunch.
Weather is getting hotter the more west we travel.  Last night we ran into our first rain squalls, they were very minor and short lived.
We are doing well and still proceeding.
Running with the Genaker up, we tied the bimini  back to observe the sail against the starlit sky. Truly magical the following stars and constellations were observed.
Orion ; Betelguese, Rigel, Bellatrix
Gemini, The Twins : Pollux, Castor
Big Dog Canus Major, Sirius
Charioteer: Capella
Little Dog, Canus Minor: Procyon
Taurus, The Bull:  Aldebaran , Pliedes Group
River Eridanus
The Hare
Erasmos 1 crew.