Jan 7 Rodney Bay

Ron Stubbington
Fri 8 Jan 2010 02:31
We folllowed our plans and headed down to Marigot Bay and then down to Soufries,  Spent one night at each and then headed back to Marigot Bay... It is a very beautiful harbour and recluse.   On our way back up to Rodney bay we were under full sail with the winds blowing 20 - 24 knots and gusting to 28 when we heard a bang and finally realized our haylard for our head sail had broken.. Not a major problem but we did have to get our sail in to be sewn as the top 12 inches ripped,  On the 6th we went out again to see the start of the World ARC,  These yachts are sailing around the world over the next 15 months... Some of them we are well known to and call them our friends... so it was great to see them off on their journey.  The world ARC is not a race but more a ralley.... Valerie and David left today for greener pastures back in Vancouver.