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Ron Stubbington
Sat 14 Nov 2009 17:32
I know that a great many people of different groups are reading this blog.  We are going to change things now and other members of the crew are going to be adding their own blogs for their circle of friends.  We will try to preface the emails with whom it is from.  You are welcome to read them all , but they may have some specifics to their own group of family and friends.   Having said that, this blog is from the skipper of Erasmos,  Captain Ron.....  Last night we had the city of Las Palmas welcome party at the town square,  It started with us each receiving a glass of mojitos.  Then a few speeches by officials.  Then two hours of fantastic entertainment by local groups with fireworks included.  Then an endless supply of wine and beer with some great tapas...We finished up around 1:00 am.  Today we dressed Erasmos with two complete lines of flags from the top of the mast to the bow and and to the stern.  The marina is looking very colourful with all the yachts decoraorted.  Tomorrow, on Sunday, we have the opening ceremonies for the ARC.  There is a parade with all the countries represented that are in the ARC..  Each will have a flag bearer with their countries flag.  We are meeting many wonderful people from lots of different countries.