Andy: Day 1- the non start

Ron Stubbington
Mon 23 Nov 2009 19:15

28:06.70N  15:22.7W


No injuries, no major damage.  Some disappointed sailors and some quick repairs.


Well we were involved in a minor collision at the race start with a spectator boat that was sailing the wrong way through the fleet.  It was about 10 minutes to the start and some 200 boats were putting up headsails, and making their way to the start line.  Us included.  Then in the confusion we ended up colliding with the local spectator boat, we turned, he turned, we turned, he didn’t see us and thump.  The impact took out our bow pulpit and forward navigation lights so nothing left to do  but turn around and head back to the marina. 


Big time disappointment and frustration for all of us as the fleet merrily sailed away past the naval boat and the fireboats.


After careful inspection and assessment we were able to determine the damage was not serious.  And with the help of the ARC folks they managed to get one of the marine chanlers to open just for us so we could buy some new stantions and navigation lights (it was Sunday after all, everything was closed tight).  The guys worked feverishly to get it all rigged and repaired, then we dealt with the harour authorities to report the collision and take care of paperwork, and 5 hours later we headed out to start the race.


Only this time we were the only boat at the start line so off we went.  It could easily have been much worse and we are now on our way.  I’m writing this on Day 2 so you will be able to see we have now made some good progress over the last 24 hours.  More on that in a separate note.  If you do follow our positions in the ARC race fleet viewer (reported as of noon GMT each day) you will probably see us at the back of the pack.  Not to worry, we are off and running and who knows what the wind gods will have in store.  The boats ahead may get parked in light winds and we will be able to carve some of our 5 hour loss back.


Everyone is fine and in good spirits.  More later.