Nov 24 from Ron

Ron Stubbington
Tue 24 Nov 2009 18:12
Today is Tuesday and our second full day at sea, we are getting into the routines of life on a small sailboat while at sea.  We are doing the 3 and 6 watch system and it seems to be working out great.  Meals are good with a great deal of hanging on as we are healed over all the time and bouncing around in the swell.  Our SSB radio is working great to keep in touch each day with the other yachts in our group.  We are using the Sat phone for our email service and weather reports.  Everybody on board is getting along great.  We tried fishing today for the first time but did not have much luck and I don't think many others in the fleet are gertting any either. I think we are the last boat in the fleet but we are not worried as long as we get across...