Dec 20 14:38.878N 060:56.937W

Ron Stubbington
Sun 20 Dec 2009 18:01
Erasmos 1 HAS ARRRIVED IN RODNEY BAY ON THE ISLAND OF ST. LUCIA.!!!!!!!!   Yesterday began with moderate winds and by noon we were less than 100 miles to go to the finish line.   Then the winds died so we made the decision to run the engine.  It was a beautiful day with hardly a cloud in site.  We were now getting quite excited in anticipation of the end.  As the sun began to go down we brought in our fishing lines and caught a nice tuna which was quickly filletted by Kevin and stuffed into the fridge.  As we approached Rodney Bay we called ARC and they sent out a boat to meet us and guide us in.  The time was 12:06 AM on Sunday morning.  The crowd that awaited us on the dock was unbelieveable in size.  I think  the whole fleet was there greeting us along with a band on the end of the pontoon,  shouting and cheering and horn blowing welcoming the last yacht of ARC2009   When the boat was docked we were presented with a large fruit basket, a tray of rum punches, two bottles of champagne, endless back slapping , picture taking and lots of congratulations. We were completely surrounded by all the participants, friends and families. It was the most awesome reception ever.
We now have a small favour to ask of  you who have been reading our blog.  We would like to know how many people have been following us over the last few weeks.   So, if each person or group of people would send us an email telling how many were reading the blog from their computer we can get an over all idea of the total number.   You can send it to us at   erasmos {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com   Just a simple email with the total number would be great.  Thanks to all of you for your support.
Crew of Erasmos 1