Andy: Day 10 Revising the plans

Ron Stubbington
Tue 1 Dec 2009 10:29

16:53.1N  24:59.1W


Our delay at the start, the diversion to Cape Verdes for repairs, and our seagoing experiences have all conspired to make a mess of the St. Lucia planned arrival date.  With that in mind Ron asked each of the crew members to make a careful re-evaluation of the options going forward. 


We were told yesterday by the mechanic that he might be able to finish repairs by end of day Tuesday, which could make a Wednesday return to sea possible instead of Thursday or Friday.  Our progress to date suggests that the crossing to St Lucia could take between 17 and 22 days.  If you add a contingency for other delays and slowdowns a duration of 25 days is quite within the realm of possibility.  If the sea, wind and boat gods all smile on you at the same time then that suggests an arrival date between Dec 19th and Dec 28th.  Of course lot’s can happen, it could take less time, it could take more! 


Ron, Kevin and Brian are choosing to continue onwards!  Myles, Andy and Dave are going to take a slightly faster alternative  across the sea.  Can you cross with 3 crew members?  Absolutely!  Many boats in the ARC have 2 and 3 on board, many have 4.  Our observation was that on cruising boats of our size we were very much in the minority with a crew of 6.  It appears that many boats not in the ARC rally cross with small crew numbers. 


For Ron, Kevin and Brian the adventure continues.  For Myles, Andy and Dave we feel a huge sense of loss and disappointment.  We worked through all the options and alternatives both individually and as a grou then came to a consensus that works for everyone!  We had a great crew supper last night (local lobster, fries, potatoes, vegetables and lot’s of refreshment for those so inclined).  Lot’s of laughs and good times. 


I will continue to provide logistical support to Ron, Brian and Kevin remotely.  There are things I can do with internet access and knowledge of how the boat performs to provide routing options and choices.  I’ll be in touch with them by email (or phone if necessary) on a daily basis, and more if needed.   


Andy – Tuesday morning at 8:10 am.