Andy: The last night - It's time to go

Ron Stubbington
Sat 21 Nov 2009 18:20

28:07.65N  15:25.70W


Well it’s the last night in Las Palmas de Grand Canaria and tomorrow morning at about 10:30 we will be on the water.  And it’s a beautiful evening, 24 degrees, very very light winds, no clouds, sun is setting and a quarter moon is rising.  A great image to finish with. 


Race start is 13:00 so we will have a couple of hours to find out positions on the boat and get used to things again.  We know everything is ready, as best we can prepare.  Food’s on board, waters on board, fueled and gassed up, the sails and rigging have been checked, and all of the relevant safety bits and pieces have been covered. 


It’s time to go.


Tonight the crew is going out for supper, and no I don’t think any of us think of it as the last supper J  But we will each have our thoughts and expectations about the journey ahead.  Everyone is fit and healthy, and each of us is definitely looking forward to it. 


I will take notes and add to the blog as we go, but it may take me awhile to post as I think we will be very busy getting sorted out for the first 24 or 48 hours.  For those of you who may have had trouble navigating the blog site, here is an up to date  list of  the diary entries I’ve posted to date.  And as I’m sure some of you have found out you do not have to follow the map links to get to the entries, you can simply scroll down the page past the map to see all “Previous Diary Entries” for the entire diary.  You can access individual one’s from there.


Thanks to all for you encouragement and support.  We think of all our family, peers, workmates and friends often.  We know your wishes are with us! 


Here are Andy’s entries to date:   Access to the ARC site, news and fleet positions   Be prepared, be good little boy scouts   Food to go – 4 Days to the Start   Gibraltar to Las Palmas do Grand Canaria   All dressed up and 8 days to go