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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2011
Mon 18 Jul 09:57 41:20N 02:10EPosition Update: Barcelona Port Vells 41:20.00N 2:10.00E
Fri 15 Jul 14:44 39:51N 2:48E Position Update Bound for Barcelona 39:51.00N 2:48.00E
Sat 09 Jul 09:02 39:33N 02:38W Safely arrived in Mallorca 39:33.00N 2:38.00W
Sat 09 Jul 01:16 39:10N 02:03E position update - Approaching Mallorca 39:10.00N 2:03.00E
Fri 08 Jul 17:57 Re: 36:33N 2:41W Position Update on the move again 36:33.00N 2:41.00W
Fri 08 Jul 02:12 37:48N 00:11W Position Update 37:48.00N 0:11.00W
Thu 07 Jul 03:44 36:33N 2:41W Position Update on the move again 36:33.00N 2:41.00W
Jun 2011
Sun 05 Jun 10:04 36:08N 5:21W Jouney's end 36:08.00N 5:21.00W
Sat 04 Jun 17:41 36:05N 5:51W Taking a pounding off Tarifa 36:05.00N 5:51.00W
Fri 03 Jun 22:54 Photo Update
Fri 03 Jun 22:45 36:32N 07:32W Position Update....Still approaching Gibraltar 36:32.00N 7:32.00W
Fri 03 Jun 15:35 36:32N 08:27W Approaching the Straights of Gibraltar. 36:32.00N 8:27.00W
Thu 02 Jun 16:33 Re: 36:45N 14:00W position update and second blog of the day! 36:45.00N 14:00.00W
Thu 02 Jun 14:37 36:34N 11:44W Feels like the Med already 36:34.00N 11:44.00W
Wed 01 Jun 23:19 36:45N 14:00W position update and second blog of the day! 36:45.00N 14:00.00W
Wed 01 Jun 22:26 Re: 37:01N 16:19W Oh What a Night! 37:01.00N 16:19.00W
Wed 01 Jun 09:35 37:01N 16:19W Oh What a Night! 37:01.00N 16:19.00W
May 2011
Tue 31 May 20:31 37:21N 17:54W Position update and Blog 37:21.00N 17:54.00W
Tue 31 May 03:45 38:03N 19:53W Position Update - Whale Hoy! 38:03.00N 19:53.00W
Sun 29 May 19:40 38:19N 24:51W Position update 38:19.00N 24:51.00W
Sat 28 May 19:45 Photo Update Leaving Horta
Sat 28 May 19:40 38:33N 28:18W Leaving Horta 38:33.00N 28:18.00W
Thu 26 May 12:13 38:31N 28:37W MADE IT 38:31.00N 28:37.00W
Wed 25 May 05:23 38:24N 30:50W Headwinds again 100 miles to go 38:24.00N 30:50.00W
Tue 24 May 20:19 38:34N 31:45W position update 38:34.00N 31:45.00W
Tue 24 May 04:43 photo update - Wish for a Fish
Tue 24 May 04:30 38:21N 33:40W Closing in on Target 38:21.00N 33:40.00W
Sun 22 May 19:03 37:32N 38:37W 37:32.00N 38:37.00W
Sun 22 May 06:33 37:10N 40:08W postion update blog tomorrow 37:10.00N 40:08.00W
Sat 21 May 18:20 37:05N 41:31W Position update 37:05.00N 41:31.00W
Sat 21 May 06:12 picture Update mid Atlantic Swim
Sat 21 May 06:03 36:57N 43:52W Proceeding under sail at last 36:57.00N 43:52.00W
Fri 20 May 06:16 photo update
Fri 20 May 06:03 35:45N 45:47W Teased by the wind 35:45.00N 45:47.00W
Thu 19 May 05:04 36:25N 48:02W Position Update. Still moving slowly (pictures sent in additional blog mail) 36:25.00N 48:02.00W
Thu 19 May 04:35 Dolphin Photo Extravaganza
Wed 18 May 11:00 36:07N 49:44W The Voyage of the Snark Onward but slowly - Rationing in progress!! 36:07.00N 49:44.00W
Tue 17 May 18:12 35:38N 51:05W Position Update 35:38.00N 51:05.00W
Mon 16 May 23:25 photo update
Mon 16 May 23:17 35:19N 52:58W Position Update.... Day of the Dolphin...Washing Day 35:19.00N 52:58.00W
Mon 16 May 10:38 35:10N 54:05W Position Update Dophins joined us for breakfast 35:10.00N 54:05.00W
Sun 15 May 21:41 35:01N 55:18W Slow Progress under a sunny sky 35:01.00N 55:18.00W
Sun 15 May 14:12 34:55N 55:58W Position update - Still No Wind 34:55.00N 55:58.00W
Sat 14 May 21:57 34:56N 57:18W The seas are full of fish but none on our hook 34:56.00N 57:18.00W
Fri 13 May 23:28 33:49N 60:10W Light Airs and Yellow Sails 33:49.00N 60:10.00W
Fri 13 May 01:16 33:04N 62:46W New Passage Same Blog 33:04.00N 62:46.00W
Thu 12 May 01:12 Leaving Bermuda tomorrow
Tue 10 May 22:29 video footage
Tue 10 May 22:02 some pictures of the team in Bermuda
Tue 10 May 15:03 Blog Update
Thu 05 May 06:31 31:09N 64:45W Calling Bermuda Radio 31:09.00N 64:45.00W
Wed 04 May 17:53 30:10N 64:37W Potition Update 30:10.00N 64:37.00W
Tue 03 May 21:20 28:56N 64:06W position update 28:56.00N 64:06.00W
Tue 03 May 06:32 27:43N 64:45W Bermuda Triangle? Sargasso Sea? One big wide Ocean out there!! 27:43.00N 64:45.00W
Mon 02 May 18:55 26:52N 64:44 W Position Update 26:52.00N 64:44.00W
Mon 02 May 00:40 25:16N 64:37W Proceeding Northward More Slowly HALF WAY 25:16.00N 64:37.00W
Sun 01 May 18:46 24:36N 64:36N Position update
Apr 2011
Sat 30 Apr 23:42 22:11N 64:32W Second Night on Route to Bermuda 22:11.00N 64:32.00W
Sat 30 Apr 09:47 20:28N 64:27N Bermuda Bound
Fri 29 Apr 21:19 18:53N 64:27W Underway finally and making good speed to Bermuda. 18:53.00N 64:27.00W
Fri 29 Apr 11:14 18.42N 64:61W Leaving for Bermuda Today 18:42.00N 64:61.00W
Sun 24 Apr 22:25 18:25N 64:37W Tortola Road Harbour Marina 18:25.00N 64:37.00W
Sat 23 Apr 21:31 18:46N 64:52W Marina Cay 18:46.00N 64:52.00W
Sat 23 Apr 21:18 picture update
Fri 22 Apr 23:18 18:38N 64:54W Cooper Island 18:38.00N 64:54.00W
Thu 21 Apr 22:25 18:23N 64:24W Soper's Hole home of Pusser's Rum 18:23.00N 64:24.00W
Wed 20 Apr 14:18 18:31N 64:23W Gorda Sound 18th April 18:31.00N 64:23.00W
Sun 17 Apr 21:20 18:44N 64:34W Virgin Gorda At Last 18:44.00N 64:34.00W
Sun 17 Apr 11:50 17:12N 62:40W 17:12.00N 62:40.00W
Sun 17 Apr 11:46 16:59N 61:46W Antigua and Sunshine at Last 16:59.00N 61:46.00W
Wed 13 Apr 23:37 16:05N 61:46W 16:05.00N 61:46.00W
Wed 13 Apr 00:49 14:16N 61:22W 14:16.00N 61:22.00W
Sun 10 Apr 22:59 First update no movement to report
Sun 03 Apr 16:55 test blog entry
Sat 02 Apr 16:50 14:04N 60:57W 14:04.00N 60:57.00W
Sat 02 Apr 16:48 14:04.N 60:57.7W St Lucia
Thu 01 Apr 22:20 13:00.57N 61:14.28W The Snark Moves Again Bequai 13:00.57N 61:14.28W
Dec 2009
Mon 14 Dec 20:24 14:04.47N 60:56.94W final position update 14:04.47N 60:56.94W
Sat 12 Dec 00:39 All Alone
Tue 08 Dec 20:27 14:04.N 60:57.7W Final result Tuesday 8th December 14:04.46N 60:56.93W
Tue 08 Dec 12:52 arrival in St Lucia
Tue 08 Dec 08:40 The Snark under Sail - Courtesy of the Epic Fanny.
Tue 08 Dec 08:24 14:17.5N 59:10.8W The final night 8th Xecember 2009 14:17.50N 59:10.80W
Mon 07 Dec 03:57 photo diary
Mon 07 Dec 03:53 14:38.1N 55:27.0W 48 hours or less to go 7th December 2009 14:38.10N 55:27.00W
Sat 05 Dec 23:03 15:35.3N 51:59.9W December 5th Slow progress with Squalls 15:35.30N 51:59.90W
Sat 05 Dec 07:30 15:56.3N 50:21.0W 5 December ... mine's a big un... 15:56.30N 50:21.00W
Sat 05 Dec 06:49 pictures
Fri 04 Dec 04:12 16:37.8N 47:33.9W 4th December Moonlight Watch 16:37.80N 47:33.90W
Wed 02 Dec 23:13 pictures
Wed 02 Dec 22:58 18:09.5N 44:51.0W 2nd December - Up the mast again 18:09.50N 44:51.00W
Wed 02 Dec 07:07 18:44.1N 42:56.9W 2nd December - Under Full Power 18:44.10N 42:56.90W
Tue 01 Dec 03:42 Whales at Play
Tue 01 Dec 03:22 19:44N 39:25W 1st December 2009 Dances with Whales and Wales 19:44.00N 39:25.00W
Nov 2009
Sun 29 Nov 21:56 Snark Pictures for the blog
Sun 29 Nov 21:46 20:51N 35:39W 29th November - Oops we did it again! 20:51.00N 35:39.00W
Sun 29 Nov 06:22 21:12.2N 33:47.9W 29th November - Rough Night on the High Seas 21:12.20N 33:47.90W
Thu 26 Nov 20:31 22:50.9N 26:21.6W 26th November night first watch 22:50.90N 26:21.60W
Thu 26 Nov 05:09 23:29N 24:27W 26th November .... Happy Thanksgiving 23:29.00N 24:27.00W
Wed 25 Nov 13:15 24:36.06N 23:20.60W Photo update 24:36.06N 23:20.60W
Wed 25 Nov 01:53 24:28.7N 21:33.9W 25th November ... Are we Going the right way? 24:28.70N 21:33.90W
Tue 24 Nov 00:32 25:24N 18:24W 25:24.00N 18:24.00W
Mon 23 Nov 11:56 26:20:63N 17:09.53W Aproaching 24 hours at sea 23rd November 09 26:20.63N 17:09.53W
Sun 22 Nov 09:52 Leaving Las Palmas
Wed 18 Nov 12:56 In Las Palmas 28:07.7N 15:26.5W Wednesday 18th November 28:07.70N 15:26.50W
Sun 15 Nov 23:47 29:13.63N 13:44.68W 16th November Almost at the start line 29:13.63N 13:44.68W
Sat 14 Nov 19:41 31:22.72N 11:45.42W 14th November on Turtle watch 31:22.72N 11:45.42W
Sat 14 Nov 05:23 14th November 32:11.3N 10:45.0W Of Dolphin Freindly tuna and OOPS I bust the Spinnaker 32:11.30N 10:45.00W
Fri 13 Nov 01:19 Second night under the stars on route to the Canaries 34:09.18N 08:16.95N
Thu 12 Nov 00:04 Safely Through the Straights 35:47.72N 06:07.72W 35:47.72N 6:07.72W
Wed 11 Nov 12:19 on our way
Tue 10 Nov 15:49 36:08.94N 5:21.41W Arrived in Gibraltar 36:08.94N 5:21.41W
Oct 2009
Tue 20 Oct 08:23 Photo update Mallorca to Gibraltar
Tue 20 Oct 07:50 En route to Estepona 36:24.87N 5:09.48W 36:24.87N 5:09.48W
Sat 17 Oct 16:40 37:57.98N 0:08.39W En route from Ibiza to Cartegena 37:57.98N 0:08.39W
Thu 15 Oct 14:01 39:06.71N 1:30.79E Approaching Ibza 39:06.71N 1:30.79E
Sat 10 Oct 18:12 Latest Update
Sep 2009
Fri 04 Sep 07:52 some photos
Aug 2009
Sun 30 Aug 00:41 39:15.34N 3:0.53E Arriving in Mallorca 39:15.34N 3:00.53E
Sat 29 Aug 11:54 38:55.46N 06:17.94E 24 hours to go to Palma 38:55.46N 6:17.94E
Sat 29 Aug 04:10 38:34.65N 9:57.43E On Route from Sicily to Mallorca approaching the south coast of Sardinia 38:34.65N 9:57.43E
Fri 28 Aug 11:55 38:14.68N 13:18.23E Cap Gallo off Palermo Sicily 38:14.68N 13:18.23E
Fri 28 Aug 03:03 38:34.65N 9:57.43E On Route from Sicily to Mallorca approaching the south coast of Sardinia 38:34.65N 9:57.43E
Mon 24 Aug 16:57 38:36.77N 18:05.45 Leaving Corfu
Fri 21 Aug 17:28 39:39.04N 19:51.06E Gouvia Marina 39:39.04N 19:51.06E
Tue 18 Aug 07:23 39:14.59N 20:07.84E Still in Paxos 39:14.59N 20:07.84E
Mon 17 Aug 15:45 39:14.59N 20:07.84E 39:14.59N 20:07.84E
Sun 16 Aug 05:14 39:16.94N 20:23.46E Parga Valtou Bay 39:16.94N 20:23.46E
Fri 14 Aug 15:36 38:37.465N 20:40.979E Sivota 38:37.47N 20:40.98E
Fri 07 Aug 08:16 Re: 38:42.4N 20:42.6E 38:42.40N 20:42.60E
Fri 07 Aug 07:58 38:42.43N 20:42.61
Jul 2009
Fri 31 Jul 15:07 In Corfu Gouvia Marina 39:40.0N 19:51.3E 39:40.00N 19:51.30E
Fri 31 Jul 14:58 Some photos from the trip to Corfu
Tue 28 Jul 21:49 41:51.2N 17:42.0E 41:51.20N 17:42.00E
Sat 25 Jul 20:38 43:42.2N 15:27.2E Kournati island Chain Ravni 43:42.20N 15:27.20E
Fri 24 Jul 03:47 First Day Sailing 45:04.8N 13:38.1E 45:04.80N 13:38.10E
Fri 24 Jul 03:47 Veruda 44:49.7N 13:51.4E 44:49.70N 13:51.40E
Sun 12 Jul 15:20 Fw: The Start Line
Sun 12 Jul 15:19 45:13.40N 12:17.60E 45:13.40N 12:17.60E