Sailing to Huahine

Stewart & Joanne
Tue 26 May 2015 22:08
We will set sail around 1600 today for the mountainous islands of
Huanine. Winds should be 15 knots, we will try to average 5 knots
sailing to arrive with good sunlight for the pass entry which can be a
bit tricky. It is approximately 90 miles from Moorea.
Moorea is a lovely island, much quitter than Tahiti which was a
welcome change. The anchorages have been crystal clear waters with
superb snorkelling.
We have not been able to fix the satellite phone computer part so we
will not be posting our position while at sea. Hopefully we will be
able to sort that out at Bora Bora or we may have to wait for Samoa or
even New Zealand. And now the camera battery charger has ceased
working.....we will try to repair it ourselves...
All is well. Cheers from Breeze