04:10.05S 101:54.22W

Stewart & Joanne
Thu 12 Mar 2015 15:54
Yesterday and through the night brought a sea state that felt as if we were traversing the professional slopes of the Alps. The afternoon had winds 15-20 knots, into the wee hours of the morning gusts to 26 knots. We were soaring throughout the night, at times reaching 11-12 knots. Quite the ride.
Cooking in the galley felt like an advanced Pilates class. Lots of core work while the spaghetti sauce was simmering. The pasta primavera and garlic toast was delicious.
Currently we have 13-18 knots of wind southerly, on a beam reach. Our speed is 8-10 knots.
Robert found a squid on the foredeck and promptly put him in the pan for breakfast.
According to Stewart’s log we just missed the 200 nm day he has been waiting to achieve, the 24 hour log was 199 nm. The total nautical miles we have sailed since our departure from the Galapagos on 7th March is 685 nm. (taking into account the current)
All is well, Cheers from Breeze.