9:35.20N 78:52.89 Chichime

Stewart & Joanne
Sat 27 Sep 2014 20:07
We arrived at Chichime this morning after a night at Porvenir. The most cruising boats we have seen in the archipelago are anchored here, we have counted 20. The Carousel is here, a couple we met at Gran Canaria two years ago. We welcomed them aboard for coffee and have traded favourite anchorages. They arrived from Bocas del Torro a couple of days ago and are headed back to the Med via wherever the prevailing wind blows them...Cuba, Jamaica...
A fine enough anchorage, but a bit crowded. We will head back to Porvenir tomorrow or Monday, check out and chart the course to Portabello and Bocas del Torro.
Still using the sat phone for communication.
All is well
Cheers from Breeze