9:26.63N 78:34.91W Coco Bandero Cays

Stewart & Joanne
Mon 22 Sep 2014 18:02
We left Rio Diablo yesterday afternoon. Our attempt at acquiring a sim card failed. We bought one for three dollars, but the Nexus takes a mini sim, our attempt to cut it smaller was unsuccessful. So we will use the sat phone until we reach an area with access.
Coco Banderos Cays is an exquisite group of islands protected by a four mile long outer reef barrier. Tall coconut palms atop sugar white sand islands, parrots flying, teems of fish abound in the waters. There is even delivery service for food items, gas or diesel. A man in a skiff motors out and will take your order to be delivered the next day. We bought a lovely papaya and yummy small bananas from him for three dollars this morning.
This is an idyllic paradise, the water is velvety and the temperature is perfect. Snorkelling is excellent, we are told the marine life is non aggressive. Lots of grasses where we are anchored, just off a deserted island with the most beautiful beach that tapers into an aquamarine abyss.
All is spectacular
Cheers from Breeze