Transit scheduled 9:33.37N 79:40.13W

Stewart & Joanne
Thu 29 Jan 2015 17:50
We are currently anchored at the flats, an area just outside the Panama Canal. We are scheduled to board the transit pilot at 16:00 EST. Here is the website with cameras.
Hopefully we will have great photos for you upon our arrival to the Pacific side.

The Canal opened to traffic in 1914,  In 2010, the 1 millionth vessel crossed. It is 77.1 kilometre (48 miles) in length. The Canal transports 4% of world trade and 16% of total US-borne trade. In 1963, fluorescent lighting was installed, allowing the canal to begin 24-hour operations.

Some 52 million gallons of fresh water are used each time a ship makes a trip through the Panama Canal. The water comes from Gatun Lake, which was formed during the canal’s construction by damning the Chagres River. With an area of more than 163 square miles, Gatun Lake was once the world’s largest made-man lake.

From the Atlantic side three locks are physically connected to each other and collectively called the Gatun locks.
At Gatun we will be raised a total of 26 meters (84 feet) in the three chambers. Each chamber is 33.53 meters wide (110 feet) and 304.8 meters (1000 feet) long.
On the Pacific side the three locks are separated. The Pedro Miguel locks will lower us 9 meters (29.5 feet) in one step from the level of Gatun Lake to that of Miraflores Lake.
After crossing Miraflores Lakes we will be lowered to sea level.
The canal watershed is an incredibly diverse ecosystem, home to crocodiles, monkeys, sloths, birds and insects.
We are not sure how long the journey will be, we may have to anchor at Gatun Lake Friday evening and resume our transit on Saturday.
All is well, Cheers from Breeze