Rio Diablo 9:26.63N 78:34.91W

Stewart & Joanne
Sun 21 Sep 2014 14:36
There are two communities here, Nargana and Corazon de Jesus, united by a steel bridge. They have given up the traditional Kuna way of life. There are satellite dishes, sometimes internet, bars and very simple markets. We have found yogurt, sparse choice of vegetables, rum, beer and wine but only with the assistance of Frederico. "Freddie" guided us along the sandy footpaths in and out of family compounds constructed of wood and brush, an occasional concrete structure. Frederico has the rubbish dump and laundry that is favored by cruisers. There are bakers on the island and the bread is quite tasty.
The islands are very close to the mainland and the river is an easy dinghy ride. As we toured Rio Diablo, many canoes paddled along. Coursing upstream to collect fresh water everyday, the pipe from the mainland has been broken for some time now. There are crocodile in these waters, one night while enjoying a sundowner we witnessed one snaking behind one of the canoes as it emerged from the mouth of the river. No refreshing swims here....
It has rained long and hard for two days, this morning we awoke to clear skies and many insects. We will head to other islands either today or tomorrow. We will post photos as soon as we can access a better internet service.
All is well
Cheers from Breeze