13:44.04N 51:24.33W

Stewart & Joanne
Thu 21 Nov 2013 14:06
Cruising at 10 knots all night with the asymetric flying. Awoke to a hitchhiker in the form of an African Egret, must be exhausted as we are more than 600 NM out from land. Lucky for it a flying fish landed right at its feet for a breakfast surprise, an amazing site to see the little fish go down the throat! Then the egret waddled toward the hatch on port, where in perfect timing Norman put his hand up to feel the tiny feet! Needless to say both were quite startled. Our feathered friend is still with us as I write this afternoon. Blue sky trying to burst through the clouded atmosphere, temperature quite warm and the air moist. Thinking Spanish omelets for dinner. 11th day run is 135 NM with 613 NM till our destination. Cheers from Breeze.