06:26.90S 113:48.10W

Stewart & Joanne
Mon 16 Mar 2015 16:06
Robert had a dance with the asymmetric in the middle of the night, strange winds finally made us take it down. Stewart’s watch at 1am brought favourable winds, sailing at 7-8 knots.
Jo came on at 4am and the wind just couldn’t hold, dropping way off and up the bum at 5am.
We were flying goose wings till daybreak.
This morning brought showers and we were happy to clean the decks. It looks like showers throughout the day. Sea state becoming more like the rollers we expected.
The last of the bananas are in the oven for bread.
The days run was 134 nm and we are 1,505 nm from the Marquesas.
All is well. Cheers from Breeze