9:35.20N 78:44.68W

Stewart & Joanne
Sat 13 Sep 2014 18:23
Please forgive the lapse in time. The afternoon brought no wind, we continued to motor. Late afternoon Jo went to the berth to catch up on last week’s New Yorker and right in the middle of reading, the feathered juvenile poked his snowy white and grey head with ebon beak straight through the hatch and began demanding attention with loud consistent chirps. She promptly took to the deck where a flock of the same species were whirling round Breeze, diving into the water and feasting on morsels of the sea! What goes around comes around in this adventurous life. A simple refuge for a simple being, Breeze momentum churned up delicacies for our feathered friends in return. They had their grand feast and flew east.
The night brought placid seas, a bit of a mist and still no wind. Dawn revealed a lovely view of the mountains of Panama and the crystal clear waters of the San Blas archipelago. Breath taking. We anchored briefly near a mangrove island, took a long awaited swim and realized the flies and other insects would carry us away at dusk should we stay. We motored past ancient islands with thatch roof houses atop incredible azure colours. We have settled at anchor with a sugar white beach to port and the reef to starboard, a gentle breeze is welcome here.
Immediately dug out canoes with Kuna Indians began paddling toward us. We have purchased beautiful molas, a delicately woven fabric that tells a story of the life of these islands. So many visited that after awhile we just handed out water, crayons and reading glasses instead of purchasing hand crafted goods.
We will relax here at Cayo Holandes for the night and make our way to check into the country tomorrow at Isla Porvenir.
All is fabulous, cheers from Breeze