12:03.20N 68:38.22W

Stewart & Joanne
Tue 1 Jul 2014 14:04
Imagine awakening to a tumbled sea, jostling you about. Enter the cockpit and witness a frothy mass of ocean heaving all around you. Wind whirling you about like a carnival ride. Welcome to the night time watch aboard Breeze just 30 odd nm from Bonaire. It was an incredible ride throughout the night! Early dawn brought a bit calmer sea state, but not much. At 7:00 we reached the headland of Bonaire and the dawn light revealed scattered clouds above small fishing vessels headed for the day’s catch. Curacao is on the horizon as I write, it is 10:00. We will probably set anchor at noon.
We will check in and search for a internet connection and settle in for the day at Spanish Water anchorage.
All is well
Cheers from Breeze