30:28.120N 13:26.879W

Stewart & Joanne
Thu 22 Nov 2012 12:34
Out on the blue with a high pressure to our starboard and a low to port. The low brought wet windy weather yesterday and last night, but the dawn greeted us with tail winds of 15 knots, powder blue skies, puffy white clouds. Stunning bioluminescence has graced the evening watch, and a brief visit by dolphin. Big thanks to Joann and Norman for Jo’s jumper, keeping her quite cozy on night watches along with the handmade Portuguese knitted hat. Big thanks to Linda and Rory for the chutney, yummy yummy! The starboard gear box has dumped the oil again, we have had it worked on 4 times now. Hopefully we can locate a good engineer on Gran Canaria. Port engine working fine and the solar panels keeping us charged up. We are humming along at 6-7 knots with only 170 miles left to reach our destination. All is wonderful.