05:53.19S 111:37.65W

Stewart & Joanne
Sun 15 Mar 2015 21:23
Please forgive the delay, the server has not been responding this morning.
Yesterday afternoon we had a large fishing boat just to starboard, it may be part of a fleet that is working with the large processing ship we saw.
Reefs in and out all night, two reefs at one point. Yummy eggplant melts for dinner last night. We are on the last of the fresh produce. Potatoes and onions are plenty but the peppers, cabbage, carrots and greens are gone. We have two dozen eggs and lots of fish, chicken and mince meat. So it will be canned vegetables from now on.
Currently 10 knots from the south, we have the asymmetric up. Sea state is better.
Jo is cooking brunch, ColeyMan potatoes (her Father’s recipe and Sunday tradition) eggs, hash and country gravy.
Yesterday’s run was 187 nm, we are 1,639 nm from our destination.
All is well, cheers from Breeze