Praia das Flechas

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Sat 27 Mar 2010 22:54
23:03.078S 044:20.918W

We must have caught some form of sailing disease, as we were up bright and
early this morning, and actually had to wait for the supermarket at the
nearby mall to open, before we loaded up, cast off and refuelled. The mall
here in Angra is great, they have a visitors pier with free docking for
three hours.

>From Angra we headed over to Gipoia Island, where we spent some hours
looking around the wonderful coves and swimming before settling on one with
both a beach bar and restaurant as our anchorage for the night. It seemed
like a good one, as there was a Brazilian Navy small patrol boat almost
beached next to their crew who were having a BBQ and enjoying the great

Another great lunch and more swimming, this time with Bruno and Jana's kids,
Enzo (7) and Luca(2). Luca is a site to behold, he not only finds Miss Bossy
as a giant play gym designed especially for his own amusement, but bobs
around in the ocean in one of the child offshore life jackets we have on
board. This is especially funny as the jacket is designed to position the
child with the head back and the body at around 45 degrees, naturally the
exact opposite to the wishes of an inquisitive child. With much waving of
arms and paddling of feet, this can be overcome until attention wanders and
he pops back into the default reclining position.

Having been suffering from the worst set of insect bites I can recall (over
30 on one foot and similar on the other), I succumbed to the advice of the
crew, sick of me swearing and scratching, or the smell of the ammonia I was
rubbing on like a patented wrinkle removal cream, and took an
anti-histimine. Naturally, like everything in Brazil, even the drugs are
bigger and better, and I was soon asleep, waking only once to check the
anchor. Or at least I think I did.....

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