Saco de Ceu

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Wed 24 Mar 2010 18:24
23:06.385S 044:12.103W

At around 'Oh my God it's early' we were up and raising anchor, ready to
head to Ilha Grande. As Tim from Mina2 pointed out, if more than one yacht
is going to the same place, then regardless of what anyone says, it's a
race. Tim had told us they were leaving at 0430, so thinking about the fact
that Mina2 has bigger engines than us, is longer than we are, and the minor
point of Tim's 30 years of sailing experience versus our 0.6 years, we
decided that we would be ready to go at exactly 0430, hoping the would sleep

For the first two miles, it seemed like our cunning plan would work, alas we
were overtaken by the time we had passes Leblon and Mina2 faded into the
distance by the time Ilha Grande came into sight. Every cloud has a silver
lining however, so when we arrived at Saco de Ceu, Mina2 had already scouted
out a delightful cove with crystal clear water, so it was down anchor, a
swim, and then beer o'clock.

We ran over to a restaurant to find out what time they shut, before having
Tim and Maria for pre-dinner drinks, alas when we arrived at the restaurant
well before the appointed time, they told us they had just sent the cook
home, so it was back to Miss Bossy for another swim, followed by Fabi's
excellent chicken nuggets and a movie...

A note on Ilha Grande and the Cruising life:

Since we left Greece, apart from a few weeks waiting around Lefkas for
parts, we have either been passage making, or in a marina. We had a speed
run from Greece to Rio, where we hardly paused anywhere long enough to look
around, and have been ensconced at Marina da Gloria pretty much since we
arrived in Rio. This is not the cruising life, passage making is more like
work, and passage making with only the two of us makes for very boring hard
work. Marina existence is at best existence only. We have been in the Marina
because it's close to friends and family, but again, it's not cruising. So
it was great to get to Ilha Grande, the islands and coves and beaches were
beautiful, and the ability to dive off the boat for a swim in clear waters
was one we had not really had since Greece. It was like a reset button had
been pushed, and Fabi declared that she was never going anywhere again where
she couldn't have an early morning swim somewhere she could see her feet
under water. That seemed to sum up the spirit of the cruising life we signed
on for.

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