Cape Verde to Brazil - Day 9

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Mon 28 Dec 2009 17:01

00:56.62N 29:50.64W


If we count the ITCZ as the bit where the winds are a little lighter, but there are lots of storm cells, then we entered it at around 0500 yesterday, and left it behind us around 0730 this morning. No real dramas, apart from one unexpected soaking at around 0300 this morning, which washed off the boat nicely, but also washed one of the cabins where we’d left a hatch open to cool off.


We’re now running South against a Southerly, but we should find the trades before too long, and then shape course for Brazil, aiming South East of Noronha, then tuning to parallel the coast.


The Equator is now less than 60 nm away, and we are looking forward to crossing the line.