Cape Verde to Brazil - Day 7- Boxing Day

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Sat 26 Dec 2009 17:56

05:01.12N 028:37.75W


So here we are, looking for the ITCZ, but to no avail. The last weather report we had suggested it was centred between 5N30W, and 7N20W. Well we are at 4N28W and are kicking along with a reef in the sail under 22kts of breeze, with around a 3.5-4m swell. Not to worry, as it has us bopping SSW at 6.5kts.  Hopefully this means that the big weather system to the NW that has been causing the swells and strong winds has narrowed the ITCZ for us, we’ll see in another day or so.


At this rate, we’ll be at the Equator in about 2 days J, and then around a week to Salvador.