Three weeks in Rio

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Mon 8 Feb 2010 14:54
22:55.136S 43:10.322W

Well, it's been three weeks now since we arrived in Rio, and we still are
catching up with friends, our livers may never ever be the same again :-)

It's been between 35 and 41 degrees every day, with humidity in the low
40's, so perfect weather for cold beer, but not so great for sleeping.
Fabi's approach to this has seemed at times to be to find another bar, but
we've finally bit the bullet and ordered Air conditioning installed for our
cabin, and brought a portable unit for the guest hull.

On the boat stuff side, we found a great guy, Reginaldo from Veleria Wave,
who normally does Torben Grael's sails, but agreed to slum it, and took away
Miss Bossy's Main and Genoa for cleaning and some preventative maintenance,
including replacing the UV strip. What a surprise, we didn't recognise the
sails when they were returned 10 days later. The Genoa sports not only a new
UV strip, but a clear window so we can see the tell tales on outer curve of
the sail, and both sails have had their reinforcing points double in surface
area. We've also gotten some more mundane stuff done, finally putting in
extra power points, and hardwiring in our big inverter.

But, now with the sails back, and the temperature still hot hot hot, we are
planning on escaping the marina for a few days to anchor off some of the
little islands just North West of Rio, before picking up some friends and
heading to Buzios for the Carnaval holiday.

In short, life is good .....

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