North of Cape Verde

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Mon 7 Dec 2009 09:38

18:22.9N 24:33.9W


While sitting around discussing if we would stop in Cape Verde or not, Miss Bossy made the decision for us. The Spinnaker halyard snapped, dumping our Parasailor into the ocean. No big drama, just some muscle work to get it hauled back on board, and no damage that is obvious, but as we are only a day’s sail from Mindelo, we will put in there where it will be a little less of an extreme sport to climb the mast and fix the halyard. Expect to arrive off Mindelo tonight and wait offshore until morning to dock.


We were already marginal with respect to making Rio for Christmas, and this will inevitably put paid to that plan, so we will probably look to leave the Cape Verde islands and plan landfall in Northern Brazil, then continue on to Rio just after New Year’s. Miss Bossy actual is planning which port will have the best New Year’s party, and I suspect that that will be the prime driver in where we land.


Otherwise, all is well, and we have had a quick run down from the Canaries, but it’s had its price in terms of a sea state that has not been painful, but cumulatively has been uncomfortable, we are looking forward to anchoring or tying up for a few days somewhere calm. Yet again, we marvel at how people do this in a monohull, we have around one tenth the roll that you’d get in a mono....