Golfo de Vera

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Sat 24 Oct 2009 23:29
37:06.468N 01:35.387W

After sitting out two gales in Cartagena earlier in the week, we're now
across the Golfo de Vera, making for Aguadulce, around 100nm closer to

Flawless berthing skills on the part of Miss Bossy actual had us out of the
marina, in and out of the refuelling dock and leaving Cartagena exactly on
schedule. Even though we had to navigate a swarm of crazed eight year olds
in little training dinghies tearing around the inner harbour. We had light
sailing for the first six hours, but as the wind died, and given we do have
two engines, it's motor-sailing tonight, and we should be in the marina
around lunchtime.

As this mail is sent, the moon just went down on a glass like sea, it's
funny what a difference a day or so makes, Thursday night we had 1.5m waves
in the marina with gusts of 50 knots, and spray visible over the tops of
Spanish warships sheltering behind the breakwater at Cartagena, now just
down the road, this ....

Naturally however, what little wind there is, is coming from the wrong
direction, but you can't have everything...

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