Sao Vicente - Mindelo - Cape Verde

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Fri 18 Dec 2009 19:58

16:53.184 N 24:59.451 W


As we prepare to leave in the morning, thought it was time for a few words about Sao Vicente.


We’ve had a great time here, met some great locals and other cruisers and generally enjoyed ourselves.


Miss Bossy actual has not only made friends with the living legend who is Tcha Kaga, a renowned local musician, but has brought a guitar and has been taking lessons from the great man himself. This has caused her to be called upon to perform a set or two (singing , not playing) at the local music bar Clube Nautica, where depending upon her assessment of the crowd’s alcohol intake, and her own, has even been known to include a French classic for visiting crews.


We couldn’t have been happier with either the Marina, the local boat services, the people or the town. Reports that Sao Vicente was dangerous and expensive have not been evident at all.


However, while we have had a great time, so much so that we abandoned trying to be in Rio for either Christmas or New Years. It’s time to leave before we become permanent fixtures, and both our livers will appreciate the 12 or 13 days it should take us to get to Salvador.


So having fuelled up, all that remains in the morning is to replenish our stock of smokes and chocolate, then off we shall go...