North West of Lanzarote

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Thu 19 Nov 2009 02:37
29:50.87N 13:45.20W

The lights of the Northern tip of Lanzarote have just come up on the horizon
off our port beam. While we have had light winds again, they have been from
the North East so we have been able to fly our Parasailor all day. This sail
is spooky, it is not only dead easy to use, but the light winds in which it
sets itself and the way it self-adjusts is unbelievable. We have been
consistently getting between 4.5-6.5kts of speed from 6-9kts of wind.

So a mixed trip down from Gibraltar; an easy crossing of the Straits,
followed by 4 days of very slowly beating upwind in large swells, before
suffering slight headwinds, then thunderstorms ,and now a nice downwind run
with our new sail for the final two days. We anticipated this leg would take
us under six days, and it will be a bit over 8 by the time we get in. The
good news is that the downwind legs to Brazil will be around 30% faster than
planned thanks to the new sail. (Yes, I'm very very happy with our new sail)

Bruno, Jenna and the kids flew into Tenerife to meet us this evening, we'll
obviously be a bit late. This seems to happen every time we make plans to
hook up with someone, maybe there is a lesson there....

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