Escape from Rio

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Tue 23 Mar 2010 23:43
22:58.361S 043:02.983W

It's been a busy month.

Many visits to KK's bar, catching up with friends, and Fabi has taken
delivery of the one item which she has been pining for, an air conditioner
for our stateroom.

More importantly however, we finally met the infamous crew of Mina2. Mina2,
an Oyster 485 belonging to Tim and Maria, was travelling about two weeks in
front of us all the way from the Med to Salvador. Tim, being far wittier and
much more diligent than us, has been keeping an excellent blog, which not
only kept us entertained on our Atlantic crossing, but surely trebled our
Iridium bill as we would check daily for the latest instalment.
( ) Well we missed them in Salvador, and then
have been in front of them until they arrived in Rio around a week ago.

Thankfully, they are as entertaining in person as they appear in their blog,
and we very much enjoyed an early happy hour, in the Marina da Gloria.

Well the plan today was for us to prep the boat prior to taking on Bruno
tomorrow, and sailing down to Ilha Grande tomorrow night, and then picking
up Bruno's wife and kids at Angra on Friday. Mina2 was also planning on
sailing to Ilha Grande tomorrow as well, but being far hardier than us, they
we looking for an 'Oh my god it's early' start, something we avoid with
passion if possible.

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy, so it was not a surprise when
Tim told us this morning that they had had enough of the delights of Marina
da Gloria, and were heading to Itaipu, from where they would continue to
Ilha Grande in the morning. So when Bruno called to say the he could only
meet us in Angra on Friday, the boat preparation was put into the 'she'll be
right' category, and we tootled off to Itaipu.

On arrival, we found Mina2 had already been well serviced by Bruno from Pli
on Board (VHF Ch 71), so we took the opportunity to let him re-provision us,
before joining Tim and Maria for drinks and some food on the beach.

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