Cape Verde to Brazil - Day 8

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Sun 27 Dec 2009 19:48

02:33.83N 029:08.353W


We finally hit the lines of rain clouds that mark the ITCZ early this morning, at around 03N. It was on with the engines and we have been playing a giant game of frogger all day, detecting the clouds full of rain on radar, and manoeuvring between the cells.


There have been reasonably steady 10-14kt wind from the East the whole way through, so much for the doldrums, but we needed to top up the batteries after the generator died last night, and it’s easier to dodge the lines of storm clouds on engines.


After an hour or two of swearing and banging, the generator was repaired by lunchtime, and it’s been a pleasant day.


We should hit the Equator around 2030 tomorrow. The champagne is chilling in anticipation.