Eurpoe - Rio - Final Day

Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Sat 16 Jan 2010 09:28

22:36.43S 41:04.48W


The last day at sea of our last multi-day trip for a while !


We are now under a day from berthing in Rio, currently sailing South West around 40nm from Buzios. We had an interesting 48hrs. Near gale winds for 24 hours had us running at high speed, but in huge following seas, then we spent the last 24hrs traversing the myriad of oil platforms and support vessels of the Macae oil fields. It was quite amazing, it was like driving through a giant cityscape, with platforms and structures every few miles, all lit up and running 24/7.


The odometer is just coming up on 6000nm since we left Greece, and we have only 125nm to go before we are at our start point, Rio. It’s been an interesting, but very long trip to effectively do with only re-fuel / repair & re-provision stops.


We are definitely ready for an extended stay in a major city, and where better than Rio. The boat needs a good dry out and clean up, and so do we J