Miss Bossy
Fabi & Scott
Thu 11 Feb 2010 16:18
22:58.406S 43:02.934W


Wednesday before Carnival, and we had had enough of the Hot Hot Hot Marina,
so we decided to head out and explore a little.

Fab's mother was off with us for her first trip on Miss Bossy.

First stop was the Rio Yacht Club to refuel, then it was out through the
mouth of the bay on our way to Marica Is, however as we were passing a
sheltered beach at Itaipu, we decided to drop anchor for a look. How
absolutely fortuitous.

Itaipu is only around 7nm from the Marina, but what a difference. A
sheltered anchorage, with easy access to the beach, either by rib, or picked
up by the rib from one of a few bars serving local water-borne visitors.
Bruno from Pli Onboard, dropped us out a menu, and offered to take us ashore
if we didn't want the hassle of pulling the rib up a crowded beach.

We ended up staying overnight, a lovely mini-break.

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