15:24.4 N 63:00.6 W

Sula Sula III
Fri 9 Jun 2023 20:46
Afternoon of day 2 we have had a magical start to the trip; 15 to 18 knots of wind just aft of the beam has allowed us to fly without putting any strain on the old girl. 156 miles in the first 24 hrs gives us credit already if our target of a 120 average is going to be achieved. I know I shouldn't think like that on a passage but the racer in me is never far from the surface. The Predict Wind Gribs are suggesting we have another 5 days of these Easterlies with a touch of south in them, so Junior has ideal conditions to learn to sail a compass course.
We have settled into something of a routine already: I have gone with four 3 hour watches for the night and three 4 hour watches for the day which means you don't have the same slot every night and also means that every other day we each have eight hours off during daylight.....We will see if that system lasts the whole trip! To preserve battery we have decided to only use the autopilot during the day when the panels are charging and we will steer at night ( we will see how long that lasts too!)
Haven't seen any shipping and only one other yacht ( going south) a light aircraft altered course and dropped to about 500 ft to come and have a look at us but didn't dip his wings in response to our waving which was disappointing.
Junior doesn't eat fish and while we have so much fresh that needs eating I have not had any lines out despite our near perfect trolling speed. (Pretty sure that won't last) but these waters are probably my best bet for a result.