37:25.8 N 58:37.2 W

Sula Sula III
Fri 23 Jun 2023 20:18
Shortly after scribblings of yesterday afternoon, what gentle breeze there was, deserted us. We dropped the sails and decided to catch up on sleep. As Hisenberg (sp?), he of the uncertainty principle, pointed out, we cannot know two parameters of a particle.....and as everything in the universe can be expressed in terms of movement and rest, when something is still and we know it's momentum is zero, it has the theoretical capacity to be anywhere in the universe, albeit for less than 10 to the -23rd of a second. I put this to Junior to offer him some comfort about our lack of trajectory, but not entirely sure it worked.
With no sea nor wind, we did indeed sleep well; for the worriers amongst you, yes we did have AIS transmit on, but it was so quiet I didn't bother with an alarm as I was confident the ship's engines would have woken us in time to take avoiding action if required. At 09.00 hrs a (very) light breeze set in from the south and by 10.00 we were making 3.5 knots with poled out twin headsails and 5 knots apparent.
Given the warmth, the lack of sea, and the bright sunshine, Junior has tackled our 2 week "Spring Clean" with vigour. We carved up the boat, I did the dog-house and everything aft and he the galley and all forward. We have washed sheets and pillow cases in fresh water too! As far as fresh water is concerned with no plotter nor autopilot we have been able to run the water maker for 4 hrs a day. This gives us 20 litres so we have had a spell of being profligate with fresh water; showering and washing up with it is fairly bizarre on a 40 day passage but very pleasant nonetheless.
The image, with cushions in the cockpit and washing on the rails is hardly seaman like, but apparently cleanliness is next to godliness and Sula will be sparkling on the inside at least. We have drawn the line at expending fresh water on washing the salt of the stainless I had spent a day polishing before departure; that can wait until we reach Falmouth and have access to a pressure washer.
According to the Matrix, (Junior refers to anything internet based as such) we should have 14 knots of wind from the South West by midday tomorrow..... alleluia!!! But worryingly, most of the models advocate heading right up over the Grand Banks only 200 miles south of Newfoundland and well into the June/July Iceberg limit, in order to secure some guaranteed depression wind. Rather hoping this will change over the next few days as night time Berg watch doesn't appeal much.

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