33:49.9 N 59:40.2 W

Sula Sula III
Mon 19 Jun 2023 19:23
After a frustrating day yesterday when we were trying to coax her to 4 knots most of the day, we have had a very pleasant start to today; slight seas and six+ knots with 9 to 12 apparent at 140° is about as relaxed as it gets. The crew, however, are not completely chilled; looking at the weather this morning, we are in a narrow band of breeze between a huge abyss on nil wind to the south of us ( growing up towards us) and a smaller but no less unwelcome patch of nil wind to the northeast which is forecast to join up with the Azores(ish) high at some point either just in front of us, or just behind....entirely dependent on how we do over the next 36 hours..... No pressure then?
We spent a good hour this morning trying to work out the best way to adjust the watch system to accommodate our passage towards the rising sun and the longer days.... The matter is still unresolved.
The downside of loosing my phone is only just becoming clear; I actually don't even know my daughter's phone numbers let alone my passwords to anything....Things like the customs number for clearance into Falmouth and the number for immigration....all cleverly stored in notes won't be much good to the creatures of the deep when it's final resting place is reached. So do things falling to the bottom of the ocean in more than 4000 metres accelerate as the increased pressure crushes them into a much smaller but more dense thing?
The birds are back.....it seems that quite a few have learned it is worth hanging round sailing yachts waiting for them to disturb something worth eating but they all have slightly different techniques; most land either 5 to 10 metres either side of our wake and dip their heads in to see if anything is coming their way, some land in front of us and look for stuff moving away from where we will be, but last night there was a don at work; she would criss- cross. In front of us looking for a likely target zone, then fly close along our windward side stalling and landing within 10ft of the stern in smooth surface water but seemed to score every time....head in and frantic beak movement...clearly very effective.
Got to go now..... My watch. We are going to drop half an hour each of the next 2 watches then move the ships clock forward an hour when we start the 3 hour pattern.