Which way?

Sula Sula III
Wed 29 Mar 2023 14:09
Whilst I top up my water tanks.....(the water here is clean enough to run the water maker) I do need to decide where to go next. North to Dominica or the Dominican Republic or even Jamaica on the way to Cuba or South (against winds and current) which would definitely get me away from the crowds, but for which option I have no charts. West via the islands off Venezuela to Columbia or even East back to Blighty via Barbados and the Azores. On thing is for sure, I can't stay here! I watched the film "The Sailor" (available on YouTube) and it is a pretty stark indication of what happens to those who stay too long!!
I have signed up to findacrew.net so let's see what might come of that; not too keen of sailing these pretty crowded waters on my own for long passages. In other news, my insurers have confirmed they cannot give me cover for storm damage if I haul out here for the hurricane season......what a surprise! Even though the yard here suffered no damage from Ivan in 2004. So just like visiting Cuba, I will be uninsured.