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Sula Sula III
Wed 8 Feb 2023 00:47
What do you do on the day before Independence Day celebrations on Grenada? The 49th year, with already a fascinating and heartening history of seeking to rid herself of the shackles of imperialism. More of this later......but to the question..... We went to the pool on Hope Estate where we joined the Twelve Tribes to celebrate The Honourable Robert Nester Marley's birthday. A really heart-warming celebration with Two bands featuring a host of singers offering a mix of their own material and versions of Bob's songs.
The elders could not have made us for more welcome....and there were many offering us the wisdom of RasTafari either through their own eyes or from quotes from the scriptures.
Like nearly everyone else we were wearing white and we were able to sample our first proper "Oil Down" (the national dish).
The messages of love and the fact that there was a white and a "brown" tribe (according to one of our hosts) explains why the event felt so inclusive; without the suspicion that many of the Rastas outside the Tribes, quite understandably, appear to feel.
Nonetheless, it was difficult to reconcile the deification of Haile Selassie and the apparent struggles of Shashamene to the imperative for repatriation. Much of what can be taken literally can also be viewed metaphorically; the quest for freedom, both individual and for Africa by spreading higher consciousness and love chime with the journey to Zion.
As far as Independence Day celebrations are concerned, I will wait until Stan returns from the metropolis..... Perhaps we can update tomorrow?

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