49:31.8N 47:18.4W

Sula Sula III
Fri 7 Jul 2023 21:21
If I can keep up to Polars speed, and get to where the dots are going N/E I should escape the blue abyss.....and if not....
Still foggy but doesn't feel so cold; maybe sleep and getting into the routine have helped my thermostat adapt.
The seas are still rich it would appear.... Earlier, there were five species of seabird visible at once....including puffin and gannet as well as the usual duo and another white and grey skewa (sp) type.
The benign conditions have afforded me time in the galley; why does food become such a focus on passage? Last night I had the last of the Scallops and tonight cooked the smoked herring fillets to flake into my rice with avocado.
Have even managed to give Augustnot a spell or two.....she has been magnificent; she lets me know if she is working too hard, and I have to sort out the balance again.
If passage sailing is about deep meditation, without the music on my phone, and with no distraction for hours, and only the white wall to stare at, there certainly does seem to be plenty of space. I spoke to Margie and the girls today.... Margles had me in stitches for the whole call and the girls reassured me that Junior was all good. It has made me think about the information overload I will be returning to, and how best to prepare.
Wasn't sure if internet was working..... Had a few hours of attention seeking behaviour.... But will try sending this anyway.
More ramblings tomorrow....all being well.

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