Finally off again!

Sula Sula III
Wed 7 Jun 2023 14:43
So under a bit of pressure from family and even some friends I have been looking for crew to give me a hand to get back to Blighty..... Strangely (😂) most of the posts on crewfinder and similar sites want to go to Panama from here and then into the Pacific.
Anyway, just as I was about to go on my own, a friend of a friend on Grenada suggested a young man who had been studying for his Yachtmasters at a centre here and needed some miles. He had committed to a Cat going to the Med but told a friend of his about my trip and he called up. So Junior will join me for the trip home.
He has an unusual diet.....and little in the way of protective clothing but is very keen and so we have sailed up to Carriacou to check out and will leave tomorrow as the winds look good certainly for a week or so which should get us up to the Dominican Republic at least. All the Predict Wind routes take us at least 600 miles north of the Azores ATM but things might change! Will keep you posted.
At least Sula Sula will look good for the crossing. Frankie at Clarke's Court sprayed the hull and painted the topsides... And with new antifouling we should at least make best possible speed through the water without weed and barnacles holding us back. Even so.... we have provisioned for 40 days....let's hope it doesn't take longer!