11:37.8 N. 48:37.8 W

Sula Sula III
Mon 2 Jan 2023 21:07
We are not running out of food but menu choices are getting a bit thin so a small Skipjack Tuna was a welcome visitor this afternoon. Full of roe so not sure what to do with that but the middle of the day meal will definitely include fish!
Other news today includes the water maker has really got going; now produces 10 litres in 2.5 hrs and can't gain on the solar panels so fresh water showers are back on the agenda.
Wind is coming and going.....sometimes we are down to 4 knots but at others up to 6.5/7.
We should get to Grenada in about a week....so the guys are starting to work out in what order they need which important "luxury"; ice cream, showers, french fries and a cold beer are featuring pretty high on many lists, whilst I am still trying to contact a couple of ports of entry with haul out facilities to work out where we make land.
Another 130 miles in 24 hrs this morning..... Trading speed for comfort at night is definitely proving very popular, especially with Sula herself.

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