11:16.4 N. 57:50.2 W

Sula Sula III
Sat 7 Jan 2023 00:02
So the sea and the air have come up with one final little test for us as we near our destination.....a night of squalls. It is 11.30 and Mario has just come of watch; we reduced sails twice with winds up to 35 knots. Pau is on now with little more than a couple of handkerchiefs poled out.....in the gusts we are still making 6 knots but we have initiated a new watch regime for tonight....whoever is on next is dressed and ready to go if a fast sail reduction should be required.
My Crew are extremely well read (putting me to considerable shame): Stan for instance is reading Conrad "The Nigger of the Narcissus" having just finished the Shaddowland. Both Mario and Stan have also been reading Hemingway. Pau and Mario are ploughing through Forster's books.
From Conrad Stan quoted this rather apposite passage as I was starting the blog......"Night and day the head and shoulders of the seamen could be seen up by the wheel, outlined high against sunshine or starlight, very steady above the stir of revolving spokes. The faces changed passing in the rotation. The youthful faces, bearded faces, dark faces: faces serene, or faces moody, but all akin with the brotherhood of the sea; all with the same attentive _expression_ of eyes, carefully watching the compass or the sails."
I have decided where we will make land: Spronk's place. You have to read between the lines of the sailors guide books..... "The yard at Benji Bay is undergoing expansion....owned by Roger Spronk, a well known figure in the Grenadian yachting industry.....Roger plans to expand the restaurant and add stern too docking complete with all the amenities around the circumference of the yard...." from what was said, and what remained unsaid this little anchorage looks right up my street. If not, we will move on.