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Sula Sula III
Sat 21 Jan 2023 22:51
Very productive day after visiting the beech (actually our beech as there was no one else there) yesterday. Calvin helped us strip the windlass (luckily easier than a winch) and we found the broken brake....will order a replacement on Monday but also might be able to weld a temporary repair.....just need to free one more screw!! Team are on 30min WD-40 duty.
Pau has been cleaning the stainless having completed the lemon treatment of all the little rust stains...it is not quite ready for an upclose inspection by Ian (previous owner who kept her immaculate) as I need to do all the varnish (job for hurricane season)
We have set up Marcello's rain catcher out of respect for Carriacou which is not as well provided with natural water storage facilities as Grenada. Also we have noticed that the water filter needs changing about every 4 or 5 days out here.
I managed to recalibrate the battery monitor to get a more realistic picture of battery health today....(thanks to help from Ollie back in Levington) so panels have been working better now that we are driving the house batteries a bit harder. We can keep the tender battery fully charged and run the fridge without compromising the set up.
While we were all busy, Mario spent about four hours searching the entire harbour for a turtle.....in vain sadly as that will mean he will look again tomorrow.... With all the looney rib traffic snorkeling is a high risk business here.
Off to "The original slipway" with the instruments later to get a bit more rehearsal for the gig. Love to all from The Sula possy.

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