Alghero 40:33.66N 8:18.70E

Red Skies
David Alexander
Wed 4 Jun 2014 20:35
Tuesday 3rd June.  Well we made it! We left Addeia at 5.50 am on Monday 2nd June, a little later than D had hoped as it was overcast and first light was delayed. We set off in lumpy seas, Force 4, and too close to sail. Hopes that it would ease later did not materialise and we were resigned to motor sailing for most of the day. At around 7 am dolphins, small common ones, raced past jumping out of the water but not stopping. They were obviously chasing breakfast. With the boat heeling to starboard, cooking with the galley on the starboard side was a little easier than the crossing to Mallorca, as everything slid away and not onto the floor, with the exception of our evening pizza meal. This tried to work itself off the baking tray and into the back of the oven and once retrieved split into a multitude of pieces. Much swearing by A. We did 3 hour watches but neither of us slept too well. The wind dropped overnight but the lumpy swell continued, meaning that we had to motor for most of the 32 hours of the journey. To cheer us up, at around 5 pm on the 2nd June a pod of dolphins came to play, seeming to have a competition to see who could jump as high as our anchor - great fun to watch.
A few miles from Alghero D texted Duncan’s school friend Dominic who is working and living here, who told the boat boys of our ETA and, as we approached the harbour we were met by a marina rib, which escorted us to a place on the town quay. The marinero took our lines with a smile and welcome, telling D that he was a good driver to negotiate backwards into our berth that had a tricky buoy obstructing the passage .
Alghero from seaward as we approached

Dominic with Alison

Walls of Alghero adjacent to the marinas

Dominic turned up to say hello. He owns and runs a B&B 7km from Alghero in the hills ( He was an absolute gem, taking us to two different phone shops so that we could get sim cards for our mini iPad and a dongle. He provided a lot of useful information and was good company. In the evening we had an enjoyable meal in the historic Old Town parts of which date back to the 14th century.

Wednesday 4th June.  Sardinia is hosting the Italian stage of the World Rally Championships and they have decided to make Alghero the base. The majority of the dock area has been turned into a giant exhibition arena for all the cars, trucks, equipment , staff and hangers-on that seem to go with these events.

Tent city in the dock area

Stage under erection

Some older rally cars making a guest appearance

Sometimes events can work out better than expected. We could have waited until the swell had subsided to make our crossing. Had we done so we would have been unable to catch up on much needed sleep as tonight there is a huge party to mark tomorrow’s start of the rally and it’s taking p[lace only feet from our berth. We have had the fireworks display and the disco is in full swing.
Contact with the locals has been entirely positive with everyone being friendly and helpful. Another enjoyable meal in the Old Town at restaurant recommended by Dom, but which we were unable to find last night .

Alison waiting for rain to get her shower

A land train going the wrong way down a one way narrow street

Sardinia’s answer to unwanted boat people

No latitude on stabilisers before crane use