Peniche - 39:21:12N 09:22:60W

Red Skies
David Alexander
Tue 16 Jun 2009 16:37
It was a very short hop from Nazare to Peniche, where we expected to have to anchor as we had been advised that all the pontoons were having to be replaced following damage by winter storms. As it was, a pontoon was available and we were first on to it. We were subsequently joined by another Rally boat rafted outside us, but by morning our raft had grown to five boats and all were being blown on to us. Thank goodness Nauticats are tough.
Peniche is a pretty town with a fort. A trip on a 'land train' had been organised to take us out to the headland and lighthouse and then on to a civic reception. A visit to a local museum gave the opportunity to inspect and talk to the creator of a collection of model boats, which faithfully reproduced the evolution of local sail boats over several decades.
Land Train at Peniche
Exhibition of model boats at Peniche
View of the Fort at Peniche