Soller 39:47.56N 02:41.58E

Red Skies
David Alexander
Thu 3 Jun 2010 20:47
We left Puerto Pollensa on Tuesday 1st June with the forecast for a Force 2 from SW. By the time we reached the Formentor headland, we had a Westerly Force 4 against a NE swell, which gave quite lumpy seas. Our original plan was tgo anchor in Cala San Vicente but as this was open to the swell we gave it a miss and continued to Cala Colombra. This was most attractive but, not only was it full with day-trippers who came by tourist boats, but the only part of the anchorage out of the swell was already occupied by other boats. We therefore continued to Puerto Soller and found that this too was also quite full in the anchorage. Nevertheless we found a suitable spot and settled down for the night. The next day we took the tourist tram inland to Soller town and explored the place in a bit more detail (and warmth) than we had when we came here just a month ago. After sampling the local ice cream from the Soller factory, we then watched a bridal party enter the picturesque church in the market square. On the way back we decided to use the local bus service, which charged 1.1 euros for the trip as opposed to the tram fare of 4 euros - tourist premium or what?
We returned to find that we had been joined in the anchorage by a huge motor yacht, which together with the other boats there made Red Skies seem like a dinghy. We were suitably impressed when the owner of the said motor yacht was colected from the shore by a tender with two 250 HP engines, driven by two liveried staff, and brought to his yacht to be greeted by two female staff, wearing similar uniforms, proffering his favourite drink on a silver salver as he mounted the steps - a lifestyle we could take to.
Our close neighbour in the anchorage
Puerto Soller from the lighthouse on the Western Point
We sampled a couple of restaurants for lunches and were well pleased with the quality and value. We even had entertainment as the wedding party that we had seen at the church in Soller town came down to the Port for their reception in one of the restaurants that was closest to us - close enough to hear the speeches. The jazz musicians that started the reception were excellent and the vocalist that led the disco in the evening was also quite good but fortunately finished by 11.30 pm. The next day not only had the wedding party left but also most of the boats that had filled the harbour.
'Arty' shot of the marina and port at Puerto Soller
Red Skies left in blissful isolation - briefly