Sant Carles 40:37.24N 00:36.22E

Red Skies
David Alexander
Mon 20 Jun 2011 18:08
Thursday 16th June.  The overnight passage back to Sant Carles was a motor-boater's dream, except that we weren't one!! 19+ hours of motoring at around 5 kts as we did not want to pitch up on the coast before dawn, as there are many pot-buoys to trap the unwary. We were back on our berth by 9.00 am but then went a bit OTT with washing the boat, hoovering, tidying, shopping etc. Even though we had some sleep, doing 2 hour watches apiece through the previous night, we became fairly exhausted yet developed a second wind as friends, Len & Pat, from Scaramouche, who were going back home the following day, joined us for drinks on Red Skies. One thing led to another and we ended up in the Varadero restaurant for tapas and more drinks. It was a great evening and we slept very well that night.
Friday 17th June.  A supposedly quiet day was spent catching up with boat maintenance on Red Skies and the dinghy and laundry. We met up with our friends from Hythe, Mick & Carol, who were in Sant Carles with grandson Tom and girlfriend. By coincidence, we found that we had both booked the same Bilbao-Portsmouth ferry for the following weekend.
Whilst sad to be leaving, we have the consolation of knowing we will be back in a couple of months, hopefully after the crowds have left, the temperatures are not quite so fierce and marina prices are lower. In the meantime, before departing, we have continued the socialising at such places as Xinguritos (see below).
Xinguritos restaurant on piles in the lagoon outside Sant Carles